SafeLease Tenant Insurance

A protection plan with SafeLease can insure your things in case of water damage, pests, vandalism, burglary, fire, building collapse, and vehicle damage. Download a brochure to learn more about the available plans, or easily file a claim online today. While your store may require some form of stored goods protection, participation in the protection plan is not required to rent storage space. The plan may duplicate coverage that may be provided by a homeowners or renters insurance policy. The protection plan is a month-to-month program. You may cancel your participation in the protection plan at any time.

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Added Security for Your Belongings

Go the extra mile for the belongings that matter most. Whenever you store, you should keep an inventory of your stored items and take photographs of everything, including the inside of your unit. Make sure to use protective coverings and, when possible, store items off the ground using pallets or moisture- and pest-resistant boxes.

The information presented in this publication is intended to provide guidance and is not intended as legal interpretation of any federal, state, or local laws, rules, or regulations. The loss-prevention information provided is intended only to assist plan participants in the management of potential loss-producing conditions involving their premises and/or operations based on generally accepted safe practices. In providing such information, the store owner does not guarantee that all potential hazards or conditions have been evaluated or can be controlled. It is not intended as an offer to protect against such conditions or exposures. The liability of the store owner is limited to the terms, limits, and conditions of the protection plan.